Cadillac Auto Repair

Cadillac Repair Las Vegas

Cadillac is one of the rarest breeds of American automobile brands in that it started out as a luxury marque back in August of 1902 and has remained steadfastly focused on the pursuit of luxurious perfection with an unique American twist ever since. Innovation at Cadillac is what initially caught the eye of General Motors and the 1909 purchase was virtually inevitable as it married a financial powerhouse with the innovation necessary to create a top-breed luxury auto brand on American shores. This can still be seen today in vehicles such as the Cadillac CTS-V, the world’s most powerful sports luxury coupe, or the technology packed Cadillac STS that will soon give way to the next generation Cadillac that will combine the luxury and supple ride of the DTS with the power and technology of the aforementioned Cadillac STS : the XTS. Similarly, even successful vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade are built upon and refined generation after generation in order to keep American luxury the focus of Cadillac and the envy of the world.

Cadillac 30K, 60K, 90K Service

Your Cadillac comes from the factory with maintenance schedules so you can maintain the best levels of performance and efficiency. All Imports Auto Service is able to repair and service your vehicle just as a Cadillac dealership can and we guarantee a better price. We will be happy to go over the maintenance schedule in your Cadillac owners manual with you. We provide the following services, and more, to meet your factory scheduled maintenance requirements:
  • brakes
  • shocks
  • struts
  • oil changes
  • coolant flushes
  • air filters
  • cabin air filters
  • suspension
  • alignment
  • minor tune-ups
  • inspect and if needed replace belts and hoses
  • power steering

Cadillac Transmission & Brake Repair and Service

All Imports Auto Service will stake our reputation on providing award-winning customer service. Our Cadillac transmission and brake service will keep your factory warranty in place for less than your local Cadillac dealer. While we are less expensive all of our Cadillac mechanics are master technicians with the skill and equipment to repair your Cadillac to factory specifications. We offer the following Cadillac auto repair services:
  • Multi-point Inspection & Computer Diagnostic Services
  • Night-time Drop-off Available
  • Free Towing with Major Cadillac Auto Repair Service
  • We Honor Most Extended Warranties
  • Most General Cadillac Auto Repair Services Available
  • Air Conditioning and Heater Repair and Service
  • Electrical and Fuel System Repair and Service
  • Specialists in Cadillac Brakes,  Drive Trains and Transmissions
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